Friedrich Schiller: Über den Gebrauch des Chors in der Tragödie / On the Use of the Chorus in Tragedy


  • Guido Avezzù Greek Literature, Verona
  • Stephen Halliwell University of St Andrews



Friedrich Schiller’s famous preface dedicated to the Greek Chorus appended to his 1803 The Bride of Messina has been translated only twice into English, firstly at the end of the nineteenth century, and, after about a hundred years, at the beginning of the new millenium. This new annotated translation wishes to fill in the gap of a philologically and textually oriented interpretation of this complex text, testifying to its unextinguished relevance to the history of modern criticism on the Greek tragedy. The translation is complemented by textual notes on Schiller’s style and the historical context in which the piece was produced, as well as by a preface introducing the text to contemporary readers.

Author Biography

  • Guido Avezzù, Greek Literature, Verona
    Executive and General Editor






Monographic Section