Ashley E. Lucas. Prison Theatre and the Global Crisis of Incarceration


  • Nicola Pasqualicchio Performing Arts, Verona



The review presents a notable study on prison theatre, Prison Theatre and the Global Crisis of Incarceration by Ashley E. Lucas, published in 2021, appreciating its methodological approach to the topic and analysing the most significant aspects of the case studies it contains. After a reflection on the global crisis of prison systems, the review focuses in particular on the effects highlighted by the experiences of prison theatre that the book analyses, concerning socialization, self-awareness, rehabilitation, and also the acquisition of specific professional skills. The review underlines the importance of prison theatre not only as an effective response to the risks of oppression or even elimination of the personal dignity of the inmates, but also as a response to the global crisis of theatre, increasingly evident and threatening where it loses its original role as a humanizing art.

Keywords: crisis of incarceration; prison theatre; social theatre

Author Biography

Nicola Pasqualicchio, Performing Arts, Verona