Simonetta de Filippis (ed.). William Shakespeare e il senso del comico


  • Beatrice Righetti Università della Valle d'Aosta



The review of William Shakespeare e il senso del comico, edited by Simonetta de Filippis (2023), explores a significant scholarly undertaking that originated from the eponymous conference hosted at “L’Orientale” University in Naples on January 9-10, 2019. Among its many qualities, this volume brings together diverse voices to investigate Shakespeare’s complex relationship with comedy. Structured into four sections, the volume showcases collaborative efforts from academics, young researchers, and PhD students, each offering unique perspectives on Shakespeare’s handling of such an enduring dramatic genre. Contributors delve deep into the nuances of Shakespearean comedy, unravelling its layers as a genre, language, and rhetorical stance within the vast tapestry of Shakespeare’s literary oeuvre. The review emphasises the volume’s innovative approach, which opens the door to new and fruitful reflections on comedy as a genre investigated as a dramatic space for experimentation, a mirror reflecting social power dynamics, an object of linguistic code-mixing, and inspiration for stage adaptations. By exploring this dramatic genre not merely as a form of entertainment but as a profound expression of language and culture, the contributors provide readers with a fresh lens through which to view Shakespeare’s works.

Keywords: Shakespeare; comedy; adaptation; humour; language