Eduardo Pérez Rasilla (ed.), El Teatro Español de Madrid. La historia (1583-2023)


  • Francesca Coppola eCampus University



The thirteen chapters of the anthology El Teatro Español de Madrid. La historia (1583-2023), edited by Eduardo Pérez Rasilla (2023), analyse the history of this, the earliest existing European theatre. The contributors, each one a specialist in their field, reconstruct the various phases, from the first corrales de comedias to the present day, which have proved to be the key moments in the development of this historic establishment and have often changed it permanently. The volume is intended to be an easy-to-read chronological guide for a wide readership and includes - often for the first time – anecdotes, exploits and even accidents which occurred during the existence of the centuries-old theatre. But it also provides a rigorous analysis of a place where the greatest Spanish playwrights have had their work performed, from Lope de Vega to Benito Pérez Galdós to Alfonso Sastre.

Keywords: Teatro Español; Madrid; Siglo de Oro, corral; coliseo