An Appointment with Japanese Noh Theatre in Verona and Milan


  • Shin’ichi Murata
  • Stefano Aloe



Noh theatre has the potential to influence world theatre of the future with its pantomime, theatricality and its grotesquery. Some aspects of this ancient Japanese theatre stray far from realism and are particularly interesting, especially in relation to European modernism. Noh theatre is a synthesis of stage genres combined with a unique stylisation of acting. Zeami (1363-1443) succeeded in developing the doctrine of the actor’s skill and to create the illusory artistic drama Mugen-Noh. What is interesting in Noh theatre is that to improve the quality of the performance, theatre operators always tried to create an ideal.

Keywords: Noh theatre; theatricality; grotesquery; pantomime; mask; imitation; method of acting