Francesco Marroni. George Bernard Shaw. Commediografo e saltimbanco


  • Roberta Mullini



This review summarises and comments on Francesco Marroni’s volume George Bernard Shaw. Commediografo e saltimbanco (2023), analysing it chapter by chapter on the basis of the author’s vast knowledge of the Irish dramatist and thinker, especially of the multiple writings accompanying his major works, which constitute a rarely studied territory. In the book, Marroni regards his object with a disenchanted gaze, which allows him to speak of G.B.S. objectively, that is, also underlining Shaw’s flaws and errors, especially those concerning the dramatist’s political choices. In the end, Marroni stresses the impossibility to define G.B.S. with just one epithet, given the multi-faceted personality of an author who lived so long, changing his mind on various occasions, but always striving to convince his readers and audience of the righteousness of his own positions.

Keywords: George Bernard Shaw; John Bunyan; Thomas Carlyle; Charles Dickens; Henrik Ibsen; Max Nordau; John Osborne