Reading L'Ester by Leon of Modena in the Context of His Other Writings


  • Vered Tohar Bar Ilan University



The article focuses on the play L’Ester: Tragedia tratta dalla Sacra Scrittura, composed in Italian by the Jewish Venetian Rabbi, preacher, and writer, Rabbi Yehudah Aryeh (Judah Leon) of Modena and dedicated to his friend Sarra Copio Sullam . The article suggests a reading of the play in the context of other three other works of Modena: his book Tsemaḥ Tsaddik (Flower of Righteousness), his essay Ḥayyey Yehudah (Life of Judah), and his letter “Statement of Defense,” which he wrote in defense of a woman suspected of practicing witchcraft. The article suggests that Vashti-Sarra-the witch-Modena are four versions of human beings who will pay the price for their unusual lives.


The Book of Esther; L’Ester: Tragedia tratta dalla Sacra Scrittura; Yehudah Aryeh (Judah Leon) of Modena; Sarra Copio Sullam; Ḥayyey Yehudah (Life of Judah); Tsemaḥ Tsaddik (Flower of Righteousness); tragedy; Musar literature