Andrew Filmer and Juliet Rufford, eds, Performing Architectures: Projects, Practices, Pedagogies, London and New York: Methuen, 2018, pp. 235

  • Nicola Pasqualicchio Performing Arts, Verona


The article presents a review of an important collection of essays on the relationship between architecture and performance as it has been developing during a series of recent interdisciplinary practical experiments and theoretical studies. The brief analyses of each individual essay are preceded by a theoretical contextualization, which is focussed on the abandonment of an external collaboration between these two disciplines, normally confined within the dyad container (space) – contained (action), in favour of a more fertile and intrinsic synergy. This idea of the intersection between the performative quality of architecture and the spatial design of performance is the nucleus of the whole book.

Keywords: architecture; performance; space; interdisciplinarity

Author Biography

Nicola Pasqualicchio, Performing Arts, Verona
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