The Actor-Author: its Presence and Absence in the Romanian Theatre


  • Sorin Dan Boldea Babes-Bolyai University



This article tackles a debate in Romanian theatre about the term actor-author. While some theatre-makers and scholars use this concept, there is not enough research in the field to articulate a praxis discourse. The following article aims to contribute to the definition of actor-author and provide a brief history of the type of work practitioners employ when identifying as an actor-author. By conducting interviews and leading discussions with actors, the role of the actor-author within creative groups and the techniques and positions when working on an artistic project are brought into question. Furthermore, the present study is also concerned with the tools used by actor-authors to create performances while examining whether particular methodologies set this type of artist apart from other creators in the field. In conclusion, this research aims to bring some light on the definition of actor-author and clarify the positions of this type of practitioner in the Romanian theatre context.

Keywords: theatre; performance; actor-author; authorship; dramaturgy; actor-director relationship