A Journey to the Border Between Theatre and Literature

Theateradaptionen. Interkulturelle Transformationen moderner Bühnentexte, Edited by Olaf Müller and Elena Polledri


  • Raffaella Di Tizio Istituto Italiano di Studi Germanici




This article examines the essays collected in the volume Theateradaptionen. Interkulturelle Transformationen moderner Bühnentexte (Theatre Adaptations. Intercultural Transformations of Modern Theatrical Texts), edited in 2021 for the Universitätsverlag Winter of Heidelberg by Olaf Müller and Elena Polledri, creating a dialogue between them and some hermeneutical proposals by Italian theatre studies. Theateradaptionen offers a multi-voice analysis of examples of influences and adaptations of theatrical texts between Germany and Italy and the connections between translations and the world of the stage. While based on the point of view of literary studies (particularly of romance philology and German studies), the book investigates the border between literature and theatre. It is, therefore, particularly interesting to examine what has been said by scholars who have walked the opposite path: looking at literature from a theatrical perspective.

Keywords: theatre adaptation; translation for theatre; cultural exchanges; theatre and literature; Italy and Germany; Giorgio Strehler; Claudio Meldolesi; Ferdinando Taiani