The Role of Digital Storytelling in Educational Uses When Staging Shakespeare: a Case Study of a Lecture Performance – Gamlet (Hamlet)


  • Petra Bjelica University of Verona



This paper investigates the utilisation of digital storytelling in theatre, specifically focusing on its application in staging and adapting Shakespearean plays. By examining the definitions of digital storytelling and lecture performance, the paper explores how an autobiographical approach present in both these genres, can be relevant in today’s educational contexts and remediation of Shakespeare’s works through digitally mediated narratives. The analysis of a lecture performance called Gamlet (a Russian name for Hamlet), that incorporates elements of digital storytelling, illustrates their various applications in theatre. Furthermore, the paper presents arguments that can serve as guiding principles for future student work in this field that might enhance the critical abilities and enrich the sense of self of these students, as it constitutes an educational model that goes against the commodification of knowledge.

Keywords: digital storytelling; lecture performance; Shakespeare; Hamlet; Shakespeare in education